Electrochromic Glass by ChromoGenics

The Future Is Dynamic

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Utilize the natural sunlight to create the smart, energy-efficient, buildings of tomorrow.

Control Heat and Optimize Lighting. Experience true light consistency. Our unique foil seamlessly adjusts to the current solar load, carefully regulating the light and heat permitted to enter the building.

Minimise Climate Impact. Pioneer the building industry. As the sole European dynamic glass developer and producer, we ensure minimal energy usage in manufacturing, installation, and operation.

  • Score BREEAM innovation points
  • Improve your LEED certification

Improve Indoor Comfort. Enhance well-being and productivity. The dynamic glass discreetly blocks the sun while maintaining a natural light source for a more healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

  • Achieve WELL certification

Design Without Compromises. Think big, small, round or even curved. The foil's unique flexibility and special properties allow for precise customisation to suit any facade glass solution – offering design freedom.

Increase Property Value. Enjoy the view you've invested in. By using electrochromic glass, you can offer your tenants an uninterrupted panoramic view, greatly enhancing the value of your property.

Reduce Energy Consumption. Cool summers, warm winters. Let the sun complement or bolster your indoor climate system year-round. Our system is easily integrated and reduces building energy consumption by 30 – 40%.

  • Score BREEAM innovation points
  • Improve your LEED certification

A Nordic approach to a global problem.

In the land of endless summer days and long winter nights, we have always appreciated the sun. For us, it is not just rays of light. It's a warming friend, a source of happiness and a valuable asset. That's why we developed our smart foil – to control and harness the sun's power, crafting healthy workplaces, reducing energy consumption, and minimising our impact on the global climate. Explore ConverLight – the next generation of solar shading solutions.


Pioneering the Building industry with smart Dynamic Facade Glass.

The Impossible Glass House

In the heart of Oslo, at Gullhaug Torg, there now stands a new human feat of engineering. With a facade completely covered in glass, the challenge to minimise energy consumption was seemingly impossible.

A Swedish Innovation

ChromoGenics arose as a natural outcome of 20 years of research in electrochromic materials. Since then, we have driven the development of alternative facade solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Controllable heat and light transmission

A Seamless Solar Shading