Dynamic Glass For Engineers

The next generation of solar shading


Reduced energy consumption. Minimised carbon footprint. And a simplified installation through a wireless control unit.

ConverLight represents the future of solar shading for tomorrow's smart buildings. A long-standing challenge has been achieving high light transmittance while maintaining low solar energy transmission. ConverLight, with its dynamic functionality, can finally offer a precise solution without any trade-offs or compromises. It responds to factors such as solar energy, indoor temperature and other parameters, effectively regulating the sun's heat transmission into the building through its thin, electrochromic foil. It’s even possible to create a 3-pane IGU with a G-value of 10% and light transmission of 56%, or a G-value of 20% and a light transmission of 63% providing ample daylight and excellent control of heat radiation. The system seamlessly integrates with your existing HVAC system, resulting in energy savings of up to 40%.

All of our products are developed and produced in Sweden. With the environment in mind throughout the entire product life cycle, we ensure minimal energy usage in manufacturing, installation, and operation – dramatically lowering the carbon footprint, down to 8 CO2eq/m2. For new or existing construction projects, this scores valuable points towards certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, or Green Building. Feel free to get in touch for assistance in calculating the environmental impact of your next project, or to compare ConverLight with traditional sun protection solutions.

Advanced Tech. Simplified Integration.

ConverLight dynamic foil is developed with a sophisticated multilayer structure, laminated between PVB foils and heat-strengthened glass – ensuring complete weather protection. By applying a low electrical voltage to the foil solely during adjustments, discreet toning control and optimized energy efficiency are achieved. Group the building's facade into zones based on their solar exposure levels, where an algorithm then manages the dynamic properties of the glass. You have the option to integrate it with your existing building automation system or select from our versatile control and cloud solutions.

Reduce Energy Consumption. Cool summers, warm winters. Let the sun complement or bolster your indoor climate system year-round. Our system is easily integrated and reduces building energy consumption by 30 – 40%.

  • Score BREEAM innovation points
  • Improve your LEED certification

Improve Indoor Comfort. Enhance well-being and productivity. The dynamic glass discreetly blocks the sun while maintaining a natural light source for a more healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

  • Achieve WELL certification

Minimize Climate Impact. Pioneer the building industry. As the sole European dynamic glass developer and producer, we ensure minimal energy usage in manufacturing, installation, and operation.

  • Score BREEAM innovation points
  • Improve your LEED certification


Planning a project? Or struggling with the numbers? Let our professionals assess how we can enhance the value of your structure.


ChromoGenics is the sole European research and developer of electrochromic glass. We guarantee the highest quality and durability following international standards.

Our local presence also ensures short lead times, close support and a product specifically developed and tested for the European climate. We customize and produce each order based on our client's specific needs and requirements.

ConverLight is available as just the laminated glass or as part of an insulating glass unit, featuring two, three, or four glass layers. In addition to solar control, the ConverLight glass laminate provides 35 dB sound reduction and a P2A safety rating. It can also be combined with many different features such as laminated safety glass, fire-resistant glass, sound-reducing glass, anti-condensation glass, self-cleaning glass and extra clear glass. If you prefer, you can order from your local glass company – further reducing your carbon footprint by minimising transportation.

Exceptional Durability

After undergoing 5000 hours of continuous operation and 30,000 cycles, ConverLight® Dynamic passed the rigorous ISO 18543:2021 test demonstrating its resilience and excellent quality.


In the heart of Oslo, at Gullhaug Torg, there now stands a new human feat of engineering. With a facade completely covered in glass, the challenge to minimize energy consumption was seemingly impossible.