Lighting The Way

Embracing the warmth. Shielding you from the cold. Silencing the noise. All while offering the stunning view that your office deserves. It's not just solar shading. It's the next generation of smart, dynamic facade glass. Learn more about ConverLight®.

Reduce energy by up to
Block heat radiation by up to
Same insulation as a brick wall

A Nordic Innovation

After nearly two decades of research and development, we have perfected our product. ConverLight dynamic foil is crafted with a sophisticated multilayer structure, sandwiched between PVB foils and toughened glass, ensuring complete weather protection. By applying a low electrical current to the foil only during adjustments, we achieve discreet control over toning while optimizing energy efficiency. Additionally, you have the option to integrate a solar-powered control unit and an insulating glass unit with two, three or four glasses. This gives you a dynamic smart glass with full self-sufficiency in electricity and almost the same properties as a wall regarding cold, heat and noise insulation. It sets a new standard for facade glass, improves indoor comfort and has a positive impact on the climate.

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Seamless solar shading

Group the building's facade into zones based on their solar exposure levels. An algorithm then automatically manages the dynamic properties of the glass, delivering a seamless and aesthetically pleasing tint adjustment. The transition becomes noticeable within a few minutes, with the full transformation taking approximately 20 minutes. The ConverLight Control Unit (CCU) is compact, wireless and easily integrated into a wall, ceiling, or connection box, providing a convenient and cost-effective installation.

Experience True Design Freedom

Rectangles, triangles, polygons, rounds, or cut-outs – the ConverLight foil can be tailored into any shape according to your preferences. Thanks to the flexibility of the foil, it's also the only commercially available electrochromic product that can be delivered in curved forms. It's available in dimensions of up to 1550 mm in width and virtually any length, with a thickness ranging from 10 to 22 mm.

A Cloud-Based Interface

ChromoGenics Cloud is a web-based portal service with user-specific interfaces for various users like operators, property owners, and tenants. Property pages offer visual representations of functions, zones, sensors, and alarms, enabling remote monitoring by owners, third-party suppliers, or ChromoGenics. The connection is automatic through Internet access to the ChromoGenics Control System.

Exceptional Durability

After undergoing 5000 hours of continuous operation and 30,000 cycles, ConverLight® Dynamic passed the rigorous ISO 18543:2021 test demonstrating its resilience and excellent quality. The test is tailored to assess the performance of electrochromic glass in building applications involving high UV intensity, elevated temperatures, and frequent transitions between transparent and dark states – equivalent to more than 20 years of typical usage. This comprehensive evaluation was conducted by the Swedish third-party research institute, RISE.

The Impossible Glass House

In the heart of Oslo, at Gullhaug Torg, there now stands a new human feat of engineering. With a facade completely covered in glass, the challenge to minimize energy consumption was seemingly impossible.

A Fusion Between Old and New

Can you transform an ageing building into an energy-producing powerhouse? With a staggering 85 % reduction in energy usage, the short answer for the Ticon building in Drammen was "yes," – without affecting the protected architectural design of the building.