The Impossible Glass House

Gullhaug Torg 5

A Study of Light2 Min 24 Sec
ProjectGullhaug Torg 5, Oslo, Norway
CustomerAvantor AS
ContractorBetonmast Oslo
Time periodAugust 2020 – Spring 2022
ProductA total of 4 000 sqm of ConverLight® Dynamic 4-glass + EcoPlus and ConverLight® Static 4-glass + EcoPlus


In the heart of Oslo, Norway, there now stands a remarkable engineering achievement. With a facade completely covered in glass, the challenge of minimising energy consumption seemed initially impossible.

Situated in the chilly Nordic region, Gullhaug 5 is a six-floor office building with a total area of 14,000 square meters. With a clear environmental focus, the primary challenge lay in designing a building where the entire facade would consist of vast glass surfaces. This meant that ChromoGenics, working alongside other project stakeholders, had to develop an innovative solution.

A new concept emerged, utilizing two unique technologies in the glass facade – a foil replacing intermediate glass in multi-glazed constructions and an electrochromic dynamic sun protection integrated into the outermost glass. Both the dynamic features and the Eco-version in ChromoGenics' glass contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. This results in substantial annual energy savings, estimated at approximately 100,000 kWh. The building is assessed as Energy Class Green A and has earned a certification for BREEAM NOR Excellent.

ConverLight EcoPlus

In Eco we use a PET-film (Heat Mirror) as middle glass instead of glass. The film has a lower weight and less glass which gives lighter transportations that is better for the environment. Plus is a coating that improves the performance of the glass and decreases the condensation, which gives improved g-value and better view during damp days.

Nominated for two awards

The building's exceptional results, a collaborative creation of ChromoGenics and other partners for GT5, have earned prestigious nominations for both the Construction Industry Climate Award in Norway and Building of the Year in Norway for 2022.

Reduced CO2
Reusable materials
Glass used

Why Choose ConverLight?

ConverLight dynamic glass offers unparalleled architectural freedom. Our electrochromic technology in dynamic solar control glass prevents solar heat from entering the building, blocking up to 90% of heat while maintaining excellent daylight and views. ConverLight serves as an automatic climate system, reducing unwanted solar heat radiation, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment, and eliminating the need for external solar control. This makes ConverLight a highly cost-effective choice for all buildings.

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Lowered energy costs. Minimized carbon footprint. An undisturbed view. And unlimited natural sunlight for a healthy workspace. This is ConverLight.

A Swedish Innovation

ChromoGenics arose as a natural outcome of 20 years of research in electrochromic materials. Since then we have driven the development of alternative facade solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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