New headquarters in Karlskrona

ProjectBoverket, Karlskrona, Sweden
Property ownerVacse
StatusUnder construction

ChromoGenics' Dynamic Glass in Boverket's New Headquarters

In a groundbreaking project with stringent environmental performance requirements, Skanska is building the new headquarters for the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, “Boverket” in Karlskrona. The building is a pilot project and sets an entirely new standard for future sustainable office properties, with the choice of dynamic glass being ChromoGenics' latest innovation, ConverLight. ChromoGenics has now initiated production of the glass. Swedish Building Regulations are issued by Boverket.

Along the waterfront in Karlskrona, construction has begun on Boverket's new headquarters, designed by Sandell Sandberg architects. The project is commissioned by the property company Vacse, with Skanska leading the construction work. Right from the procurement stage, the goal was to certify the property according to several strict environmental standards, including NollC02, Well Platinum, BREEAM SE EXCELLENT, and Energy Class A.

During an early climate analysis, it was observed that the largest carbon dioxide emissions came from piling, the structure, and the extensive façade glass, accounting for 85 percent of emissions. To achieve the goals, innovative solutions were required – where one of the keys to success was found locally.

Initially, the plan was to use a double shell façade, but due to significant carbon dioxide emissions, a rethink was necessary. Instead, the double façade with its integrated blinds was replaced with standard single façade with dynamic glass from ChromoGenics, reducing the amount of glass and steel used and resulting in a thinner floor slab.

The product, ConverLight, is an advanced technology where an electrochromic foil is laminated into the glass to regulate the intensity of sunlight and heat penetration into buildings. When the sun shines, the control system darkens the glass, significantly reducing the need for air conditioning. Similarly, solar heat can be allowed in during the winter to reduce energy consumption and heating costs. This solution also provides a natural daylight effect and unobstructed views – offering several positive health benefits for the over 250 people who will work in the building.

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Images: Sandellsandberg

"Dynamic glass is a key component in creating future energy-efficient and eco-friendly properties. Just by replacing the glass, a property's energy consumption can be reduced by up to 40%. Moreover, offering Boverket employees a fantastic view of the water and the surroundings is another added value of our solution. It will be a fantastic building, which will include the largest curved electrochromic glass in the world. We are now looking forward to being an active partner in this innovative sustainability project alongside Skanska, Boverket, and Vacse."

Fredrik Fränding, CEO of ChromoGenics

The property is expected to be completed in 2025 and the dynamic glass is now in production at ChromoGenics' facility in Uppsala. This project sets a new standard for future sustainable office properties and demonstrates how Swedish innovations like ConverLight can play a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of the construction sector.

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