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Exciting News For German Homeowners

Through close collaboration between the German conservatory specialist masson® and ChromoGenics, Converlight has been successfully installed in the first residential conservatory. This marks a new dawn for conservatory owners who can begin to enjoy a pleasant indoor climate all year round.

The sensation of sitting outdoors in your garden, while being shielded from the elements in a comfortable indoor environment, has long been the dream of many homeowners. However, without sun protection, a conservatory quickly becomes too hot during the summer. Moreover, traditional blinds obstruct the view of the beautiful surroundings. In winter, the large glass panels also rapidly cool down the space, making it unusable unless one is prepared for high heating costs. But there is a solution.

Electrochromic glass is usually used for larger construction projects due to its ability to control heat and light transmissions. It operates autonomously and entirely replaces conventional shading solutions, significantly enhancing indoor comfort. This also renders it an extremely versatile and ideal solution for conservatories – a groundbreaking innovation now accessible to the German private sector.

The multiple award-winning player in the conservatory sector, masson®, has extensive experience in dealing with intelligent shading glass. Intrigued by ChromoGenics' unique ConverLight solution, a partnership began to take shape. The technology was then integrated into their designs and field-tested. The advantages for customers, especially in the windy regions of northern Germany, soon became evident. Now customers can anticipate a completely new experience in their conservatories that meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.

"Collaborating with forward-thinking players like masson® helps make our products available to the private market. The advanced smart technology behind ConverLight's dynamic foil is unmatched compared to traditional solar shading solutions, making it an exclusive option for homeowners seeking dynamically adapted indoor climates."

Fredrik Fränding, CEO of ChromoGenics.

The partnership between masson® and Chromogenics represents a significant step towards sustainable and intelligent building technologies. However, the potential applications of electrochromic glass extend far beyond traditional conservatories. It opens up new possibilities for architects, building owners, and designers seeking innovative solutions for light-filled rooms.

Why Choose ConverLight?

As a premium partner, masson® now offers nationwide distribution and installation of ConverLight's dynamic glass in the conservatory sector. The glass can be ordered in double or triple versions and is suitable for integration into the conservatory's roof and side elements. Seamless integration into an existing smart home system is just as possible as manual control of the panes.

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