Creating a social hub through natural light in Trollhättan

ProjectTorgbyggnaden, Trollhättan, Sweden
Property OwnerKraftstaden Fastigheter
ArchitectsPE Teknik & Arkitektur
Time period2020
Product120 sqm of ConverLight dynamic glass


In central Trollhättan, Sweden lies the expansive Drottningtorget. While the area has long served as a hub for commerce and events, it has lacked an indoor gathering spot for both locals and visitors. Seeking to revitalise the city centre, boost activity, and draw more people to its core, the decision was made to construct the new Torgbyggnaden – A meeting place for everyone.

The initiative originated from municipally-owned Kraftstaden Fastigheter, intending to craft an open and inviting space flooded with natural light. Offices, cafes, restaurants, and a tourist centre were envisioned in an airy layout – designed to be as inviting from the outside as it is from within, necessitating expansive glass panels across two levels overlooking the surrounding square.

An early challenge was handling sun protection. Given the building's large glass expanses and open design, it risked overheating in summer and feeling chilly in winter. Preserving unobstructed views of the square and maximising daylight posed additional challenges, as traditional sunshades tend to block both light and views.

ChromoGenics had prior discussions with Kraftstaden Fastigheter and identified Torgbyggnaden as an ideal project. The chosen solution was ConverLight, a unique foil that seamlessly adjusts to the current solar load, carefully regulating the light and heat permitted to enter the building. This provided for an energy-efficient and controlled indoor climate all year round, offering the ideal social, environmental, and economic settings for a public meeting place. Additionally, maintaining panoramic views and maximising daylight also became key features of the project that were much appreciated by visitors and occupants alike.

Thanks to ConverLights' smart control system, installation was easy. The result was a vibrant, welcoming space with abundant natural light and a comfortable indoor climate – the missing link that seamlessly integrated the new square with Trollhättan's community and visitors.

Why Choose ConverLight?

ConverLight dynamic glass offers unparalleled architectural freedom. Our electrochromic technology in dynamic solar control glass prevents solar heat from entering the building, blocking up to 90% of heat while maintaining excellent daylight and views. ConverLight serves as an automatic climate system, reducing unwanted solar heat radiation, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment, and eliminating the need for external solar control. This makes ConverLight a highly cost-effective choice for all buildings.

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