Prins Henriks School

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ProjectPrins Henriks School, Copenhagen, Denmark
CustomerAluflam Group DK
ContractorArpe & Kjeldholm A/S
ArchitectHolscher Nordberg Architects A/S
Time period2023
ProductA total of 1,100 sqm of ConverLight dynamic glass


In the heart of central Copenhagen lies Prins Henriks School. When it became clear that the school needed renovation and expansion with two additional large buildings, it was up to the Danish facade contractor Aluflam to find an innovative European partner to tackle the challenge.

Strict energy requirements, space-saving sun protection solutions, and an ambition to downsize or eliminate an HVAC system were some of the demands faced in expanding the new school. Intending to accommodate over 1200 students, there was also a need for ample natural light to create an inspiring indoor environment conducive to studying. The solution was ConverLight, which would prove to overcome most of the project's obstacles.

From a purely construction perspective, the choice of ConverLight was a success. ChromoGenics provided the electrochromic glass laminate, which Aluflam could use with its local window frame and glass manufacturer. Working with a local glass partner assured quick delivery times and reduced the project's overall CO2 emissions – important factors in most construction projects. The system being virtually wireless also significantly shortened installation time and cable routing, resulting in a simplified and cost-effective installation.

However, ConverLight's major strength lies in its efficient regulation of heat radiation. By actively blocking up to 90% of solar heat load during the summer months in its darkest state, the need for an HVAC system ceased entirely. This eliminated a significant investment cost from the project and allowed the ceiling height to remain high as no new ducts for the climate system needed to be installed. The planned solar panel park on the roof could also instead be converted into play and sports areas for the school's students, thanks to the reduced electricity consumption.

Studies show that ample natural light and views of the surroundings create more creative, energised indoor environments – an attractive feature for all types of schools and creative businesses. With ConverLight, the need for blinds, awnings, or static dark films that block natural light and views could be avoided. This ensures that students always experience optimal natural light, helping them stay alert and focused throughout the school day.

The project involved 1,100 square meters of ConverLight facade glass, currently being tested and evaluated to set the foundation for how future schools are designed.

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Why Choose ConverLight?

ConverLight dynamic glass offers unparalleled architectural freedom. Our electrochromic technology in dynamic solar control glass prevents solar heat from entering the building, blocking up to 90% of heat while maintaining excellent daylight and views. ConverLight serves as an automatic climate system, reducing unwanted solar heat radiation, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment, and eliminating the need for external solar control. This makes ConverLight a highly cost-effective choice for all buildings.

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