Increasing the well-being for our elderly

ProjectTeglagården, Skara, Sweden
CustomerLEIAB AB
ContractorSkara Municipality
ArchitectsAGE Arkitekter
Time period2023
ProductA total of 90 sqm of ConverLight dynamic glass


Situated in the heart of Skara, Teglagården now stands as a beacon of innovation in assisted living. Designed to prioritize the well-being of its residents, this cutting-edge facility integrates advanced technology with the tranquility of nature.

As outdoor mobility becomes more challenging for the elderly, the natural light filtering through expansive windows becomes a vital lifeline, keeping residents connected to the outside world. Skara Municipality, recognizing the need for forward-thinking solutions, embarked on a quest to innovate elder care at Teglagården. The vision was clear: to create a nurturing environment that offers elderly individuals comfort and convenience through innovative lighting and temperature control solutions.

Partnering with window manufacturer LEIAB, ChromoGenics emerged as the frontrunner, offering their ConverLight solution. This dynamic glass system, capable of regulating solar heat radiation by up to 90%, ensures a harmonious indoor environment flooded with gentle daylight. Not only does this enhance the residents' comfort, but it also reduces CO2 emissions and operating costs for the property owner.

However, the main focus of the project was to find a solar shade solution that catered for the specific needs and challenges faced by elderly and dementia patients. For instance, research shows that the movement of traditional sunshades can trigger stress in individuals with dementia. Indoor shadows can also be perceived as disturbing, leading to unnecessary falls. Here, ConverLight's dynamic shifting tones offer a soothing alternative, adapting seamlessly to the sun's movement. Additionally, the warm hue of ConverLight replaces the disorienting blue tones of conventional sunshade films, thus creating a more comfortable indoor climate.

"We are pleased that Skara Municipality entrusted us and chose to enhance their property with ConverLight®. The fact that our technology can contribute to an improved indoor environment and increased well-being for our elderly is inspiring for all of us at ChromoGenics."

Fredrik Fränding, CEO of ChromoGenics

During autumn 2023, the facility was completed with 107 assisted living places, eight LSS places, and a municipal archive. In total, 90 square meters of ConverLight dynamic glass were delivered and installed for the project. Teglagården now stands as a testament to Skara Municipality's dedication to embracing innovation, but also sets a new standard for assisted living facilities across the region.

Why Choose ConverLight?

ConverLight dynamic glass offers unparalleled architectural freedom. Our electrochromic technology in dynamic solar control glass prevents solar heat from entering the building, blocking up to 90% of heat while maintaining excellent daylight and views. ConverLight serves as an automatic climate system, reducing unwanted solar heat radiation, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment, and eliminating the need for external solar control. This makes ConverLight a highly cost-effective choice for all buildings.

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