The Shimano HQ

With energy in mind from the start

ProjectShimano HQ, Uppsala, Sweden
CustomerSaldeen Real Estate
Product150 sqm ConverLight® Dynamic


When Saldeen Real Estate faced the construction of Shimano's new headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden, they encountered several challenges.

With large glass panels in all directions and a significant difference in heat load between winter and summer, finding a creative solution to minimise the property's energy consumption without compromising indoor comfort was crucial.

Following the success of previous real estate projects with ChromoGenics, they chose ConverLight as the best solution. By integrating ConverLight into the 227 square meters of large window sections creating a more stable and controlled indoor climate. That not only allowed for savings on investing in a smaller, more cost-effective HVAC system but also provided the benefit of maximum natural light without compromising the view – a highly appreciated feature by tenants who enjoyed a pleasant working environment.

Facing the challenge of the 7-meter-high all-glass entrance, another concern was preventing cold drafts in winter. A creative solution emerged by blending two glass technologies. The entire facade featured ConverLight, where the bottom row of windows also featured integrated electrically heated glass. This innovative combination effectively halted the cold draft by utilising the warmth generated from the windows below, showcasing the successful fusion of the two technologies.

"With ChromoGenics' dynamic glass, the cooling demand significantly decreased. While investing in dynamic glass might be slightly more expensive, the advantages extend to requiring a smaller cooling system. Over time, the benefits become evident as indoor temperatures maintain a much more consistent level compared to regular glass that lets in heat and necessitates cooling. You get fantastic natural light without being blinded or too warm and avoid covering the view with blinds. It truly works wonders for well-being."

Bo Saldeen, CEO of Saldeen Real Estate

Why Choose ConverLight?

ConverLight dynamic glass offers unparalleled architectural freedom. Our electrochromic technology in dynamic solar control glass prevents solar heat from entering the building, blocking up to 90% of heat while maintaining excellent daylight and views. ConverLight serves as an automatic climate system, reducing unwanted solar heat radiation, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment, and eliminating the need for external solar control. This makes ConverLight a highly cost-effective choice for all buildings.

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Lowered energy costs. Minimized carbon footprint. An undisturbed view. And unlimited natural sunlight for a healthy workspace. This is ConverLight.


ChromoGenics arose as a natural outcome of 20 years of research in electrochromic materials. Since then we have driven the development of alternative facade solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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